Flag Rental for Holi 2017 at Victoria Park in London, ON

Flag Rental for Holi 2017 at Victoria Park in London, ON

A Canadian History story reflected in the flag that New Century Designed

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Rose Villa

The Silver Islet Mine was discovered by the Montreal Mining Co. on July 10, 1868 on a small island of rock, about one mile off shore on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The community of Silver Islet was formed on the mainland, opposite the Rock island out in Lake Superior. It was made up of all the Miners family homes being built by the mining company to house the workers. My Great Grandfather at the time was a carpenter and Mill Wright building the homes in the community and had a hand in building his family house, the Summer cottage or “camp” which it is more commonly referred to.

My Grandfather was born in this home along with his two Brothers and a Sister. The miners gave names to several of their homes, ours being called Rose-Villa” do to all the wild roses that grew around the property. When the mine closed and the Mining company decided to sell off the properties, they surveyed the lots and sold them. My Grandfather was the first in line to buy the home in 1910. It has remained in the family ever since, seven generations.

In 2001 on my Birthday, my Son and Daughter in law  presented to me the Custom designed flag “Rose-Villa”. It has flown ever year since 2001, being replaced twice with the same original design. This year on July 10, 2018 we celebrated our 150th Anniversary as a thriving Community.

Former London Resident Francis (Frank) Morrison

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