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Show Your Pride With Canadian, Provincial & International Flags

Canadian and International Flags

For Sizes and Prices, Visit Our Online Store


Show Your Pride With Canadian, Provincial & International Flags

All sizes of flags from desk size right up to the huge 20’ x 40’ flags are available across Canada at New Century Flags. All sizes of flags are available from our large inventory on-site. Call the company that the collectors trust and use.

Any Satin Polyester Flag

Desk flags:

4" x 6" - $2.95

12" x 18" - $6.95

Full size flags:

3’ x 5’ - $19.95

For Sizes and Prices, Visit Our Online Store

Quantity discounts available

Canada wide shipping

Flag Materials - What’s the Difference & How Long Do They Last?

No one can guarantee the life of your flag since location and weather play a big part of the equation, but just imagine you left a shirt out in the weather; what would that look like after a few months.


Well priced satin polyester imports means you don’t have to mortgage your house to enjoy a colourful one season flag, and if your flag is easy to change, you can refresh your flags more often. Of course, these flags are not Canadian made but they provide us with the ability to offer any country flag 3' x 5'.


The Canadian Government gave special attention to choosing the best fabric for our country’s flag and that is the 70 denier high tenacity nylon, which dries quickly after a rain; good for flying in a shady area. High tenacity means that the material has some stretchability for the wind. It is UV protected and a very good lasting flag depending on your location and attachment method. The bolts in the flagpole are often exposed, causing the fly edge to shred on any flag, so make sure you use an acorn cap for the end or even use duct tape wrapped around sharp protrusions. These are made in Canada with the correct proportions of the Canada flag, which is a 2:1 ratio, unlike the US flag which is more square.


The deluxe 210 denier tackle 2 nylon flag is the best quality and it is the one we choose for custom flags. It has three times the denier and lasts so much longer than other flags that we feel it is worth the extra cost. The colours are vibrant and the material is durable enough to re-sew the fly edge when it eventually starts to fray. Usually, the colour has gone as well by that time and you need a replacement.

Knit Materials

These have a place in the flag industry and we have them available for the people who are happy with this more translucent material, and custom flags are occasionally produced on this material if the customer is in a hurry. Production is very different from nylon material and, therefore, much quicker.

Call us toll-free to order your flag today at 1-800-287-9455!

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