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Your Go-to Place for Commercial Flagpoles Across Canada

Commercial Flagpoles

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We sell superior aluminum commercial flagpoles across Canada, manufactured by the best company, Flag Outlet. These flagpoles look beautiful in front of your business, as part of your landscaping or in the park, backyard or cottage. For a complete description of the flagpoles and prices, please click on, where you can also view accessories and parts. 

Commercial Aluminium Flagpoles


These modern Swedish designed hi-tenacity flagpoles are brilliant white one-piece flagpoles that include a tilt base, internal halyard, rotating truck with a gold col. finial top, counterweight, lockbox with key and are as strong as most aluminum flagpoles.


Fibreglass Poles

Fibreglass poles combine the feature desired most in flagpole- beauty and durability. Their brilliant, stay white finish resists the elements and, although lightweight, they are stronger than steel or aluminum flagpoles. This quality signifies our philosophy of offering the best in products and services.


A 25’ flagpole weighs 44lbs. This feature makes installation easier and is cost-effective when shipping.

Silent shaft technology

Fibreglass poles have a noise deadening construction. There is no noisy halyard clanging.

360-degree revolving truck

Trucks are designed to always track the wind. Includes checking for utility clearances.

Installation available in Southwestern Ontario

Includes checking for utility clearances, “Locates Ontario” excavating and installing concrete foundation (does not include excavation through concrete, asphalt or rock) and final assemble and erection of flagpole.

Lifetime finish

Production materials and processes are such that your flagpole will keep its brilliant appearance.

These one piece long flagpoles are shipped by transport truck to your site and costs average between $275.00 - $400.00 per flagpole.

Modern Swedish Design Fibreglass Flagpole

It comes with a gold-coloured rotating top, hinged base, and brilliant white finish.

Shipping flagpole to site costs between $275.00 and $400.00

Canada flag on a white pole
Holiday Inn building with multiple flags

Construction 8, 10, 12’’ Flagpole and Brackets

Smaller dimension Aluminum Flagpoles 1 1/2” Diameter

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