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Get Quality Residential Flagpoles Shipped Across Canada

Residential Flagpoles

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Complete Residential Flagpole Kits

Includes a free flag!      18.5’  $225.00      or      22’  $299.95

New Century Flags has been selling these flagpole kits for over 30 years and we are very happy with the quality. It is made of sturdy steel that is hot dipped in Galvalume and then powder coated white. 

The kit includes a Ground sleeve, rope cleat for the rope, nylon clips, j-bolt and nut to hold the pulley. 

You only have to purchase the concrete separately and dig the hole, but remember to “Call Before You Dig” to ensure there are no underground utilities where you are digging. 

The outside diameter is 1.5” and comes in three, easy to transport, pieces that are swaged together. The 25’ above ground Galvalume Flagpole has a larger diameter and can be tilted down for future maintenance or repairs. Please see the picture below.

Flagpoles and Wall Brackets

We have a variety of mounting flagpoles and brackets for the side of your home, deck, or fence.

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