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Quality/Low Prices

For over 26 years, the team at New Century Flags has been providing our London community with a range of high-quality, competitively priced flags and flag accessories. Whether you need a custom-made flag or something more standard, you’ll receive our unmatched customer service.

We’ve always believed that the purpose of a good business is to never sacrifice service or quality for profit, and you can count on us to uphold that belief.

High-Quality Flags and Accessories
Explore our vast range of products! We offer a wide range of CANADIAN, PROVINCIAL, INTERNATIONAL and CUSTOM flags, along with INDOOR and OUTDOOR FLAGPOLES and hardware.

We’re Here for Our Customers
New Century Flags is a locally owned and operated business dedicated to going the extra mile for our customers. Come in today to experience our great service and even better prices.
Visit our showroom in the front of our
"Century-old Home"
Just walk in 6 days a week from 9am - 7pm
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Custom Flags
Custom flags are our speciality.
Flagpoles are delivered Canada-wide.
Pride & Patriotism
Canadian, International & Custom flags